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    • Amarula | South Africa image

      Amarula | South Africa

      Amarula, synominous with South Africa, is a world wide leader in cream liqueur. Launched in September 1989, Amarula quickly became very popular and is now the 2nd biggest Cream liqueur in the world. The Marula fruit grows wild on the plains of Africa

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    • Klipdrift | South Africa image

      Klipdrift | South Africa

      Klipdrift - South Africa's best selling brandy. The first Klipdrift brandy was blended, bottled and sold from the farm Klipdrift near Robertson in January 1938. Today the Klipdrift Distillery in Robertson still practises the quality standards

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    • Richelieu | South Africa image

      Richelieu | South Africa

      The art of rich, rewarding brandy begins here. Pour a glass of Richelieu International and peruse the nuances of this drink steeped in sophistication.

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