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Teichenne | Spain
Teichenne | Spain  image

Teichenné is the original, entirely natural flavoured schnapps, available in flavours of Peach and Butterscotch. The range dates back to 1956, when oenologist Juan Teichenné Senaux left France for the Catalan region of Spain, set up a winery in the small town of L’Arboç and began handmaking liqueurs. The craze for Teichenné spread around Spain and by 1989 the brand was the market leader. In 1994 the distillery expanded and moved to Bellvei del Penedès and by 2000 the new distillery was producing around 3 million litres of alcohol every year. Today Teichenné schnapps are enjoyed all over the world.

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Teichenne Butterscotch Schnapps 17% 700ml NV (PDF 543 KB) (JPEG 30 KB)
Teichenne Melocoton Peach Schnapps 17% 700ml NV (PDF 536 KB) (PDF 244 KB) (JPEG 31 KB)