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Sandalford | Margaret River

Winemaker - Hope Metcalf
Sandalford | Margaret River image

The establishment of Sandalford Wines in 1840 coincided with the birth of Western Australia's world famous wine industry. Today Sandalford is one of the country's oldest and largest family owned winemakers.

Since the early 1990's Sandalford Wines returned to family ownership with Peter and Debra Prendiville at the helm. Their significant changes to the winery over the past ten years reflect modern practices, yet maintain the tradition and mystique behind the winemaking process. For example, whilst Sandalford use the latest equipment for processing fruit during vintage, Sandalford maintains small batch processing of all fruit and use only the top quality French and American small Oak barrels.


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Bottle Images
Sandalford Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml 2015 (PDF 638 KB) (PDF 244 KB) (JPEG 3 MB)
Sandalford Estate Reserve Shiraz 750ml 2014 (PDF 460 KB) (PDF 35 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Sandalford Margaret River Cabernet Merlot 750ml 2014 (PDF 87 KB) (PDF 271 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Sandalford Margaret River Cabernet Merlot 750ml 2015 (PDF 328 KB) (PDF 264 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Sandalford Margaret River Shiraz 750ml 2016 (PDF 703 KB) (PDF 274 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)