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Wine Men of Gotham | South Australia
Wine Men of Gotham | South Australia image

Gotham is produced by husband and wife Bruce Clugston and Fiona White, Bruce acts as executive winemaker whilst Fiona does pretty much everything else! Bruce draws on 30 years experience in the wine industry & long held desire as a former wine retailer to create a product of exceptional value that is approachable in youth and well into the future.

The aim is to produce the best value wine money can buy. Since Gotham’s first wine produce back in 2004, they have been striving to produce fantastic wines in a style consumers actually want to drink!


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Bottle Images
Wine Men of Gotham Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml 2014 (PDF 96 KB) (PDF 264 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Wine Men of Gotham Shiraz 750ml 2016 (PDF 93 KB) (PDF 265 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)